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Handful Water and Civil engineers in Tehran have established Abfan Company, an Iranian consulting engineers Co., in early 70s. Since then, this consulting firm has been engaged in the various fields of Water Engineering disciplines (study, design and supervision of Dam, Irrigation and Drainage Network and wastewater) and striving to deliver the best quality services to the eminent clients and Employers. Over 40 years’ magnificent experience, Abfan Co. has provided different phases of studies, design and supervision on construction and achieved the level of performance that implements most complicated engineering solutions relevant to the fields of its qualifications.


Most experiences of Abfan are embankment dams. We have always tried to used modern science in our design such as geosynthetic to increase safety and efficiency of our projects.


A new generation of Gravity Dams named CMD by ICOLD including FSHD, CSG, RFC, CSD etc. have been constructed and widely welcomed by the engineers all over the world. For the first time in Iran, four CMD’s are under construction, which are designed, and now under supervision by Abfan.


Abfan has carried out irrigation and drainage projects for more than 50000 Ha of land distributed at different geographic locations throughout Iran. Canal structures comprising chutes, elevated aqueducts, siphons, gates and diversion dams are designed and implemented.

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